jesusita fire
Engine 2511 is a 2006 Pierce All Wheel Steer fire engine. E2511 is currently the 1st out engine at Station 1 on Erba Lane. E2511 is nearly identical to E2513 which is currently in service at Station 2 on Glenwood Dr. Some updating was done to E2511, including the 400HP Cummins motor, addition of a light tower and an updated foam system. This new engine was designed to meet all current NFPA requirements for a triple combination pumper.
E2513 Engine 2513 is a 2000 Pierce Saber, type 1 pumper. It has a 6 person cab, and equipped with All-Wheel Steer®. It has a Hale 1250gpm pump and a Foam Pro class A & B foam system. This engine was ordered with a 2" suspension lift for better angle of approach and departure. E2513 is currently the first out engine at the Glenwood Fire Station. It is well equipped with auto extrication tools due to the frequency of accidents it responds to on Highway 17.
E2537 E2537 is a 2007 Pierce Type III Fire Engine designed for the demanding situations of wildland and urban-interface firefighting. The engine holds 500 gallons of water, has a 500 GPM PTO (power take off) pump, and is four wheel drive. E2537 also has an auxiliary water pump that allows firefighters to attack wildland fires while staying mobile. This engine was built specifically to take firefighters into off-road terrain that can be difficult or even impassable for larger Type I engines.
Engine 2510 is a 1996 Pierce Saber. It is now a reserve engine that is put into service if E2511 or E2513 are out of service. It is also put into service during periods of high call volume utilizing off duty personnel. It has a 6 person cab and is equipped with All-Wheel Steer®. It has a Hale 1250 gpm pump, holds 500 gallons of water, and has a Class A & B foam system.
Water Tender 2550 is a 2002 Pierce. It has a 2500 gallon tank, and a 1000 GPM pump. It carries a 2500 gallon portable tank and is equipped with quick-dumps on both sides and the rear. This water tender was purchased with a grant from the Assistance to Firefighters Grant program.
Haz Mat 2560
In January 2006, we took delivery of a 2005 Pierce built Hazardous Materials Response Vehicle. This vehicle was purchased with a $360,000 grant from the Department of Homeland Security. This unit will serve as the primary response vehicle for the Santa Cruz County Hazardous Materials Interagency Response Team.