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The following Standards for Fire Protection were adopted by the Scotts Valley Fire Protection District Board of Directors


5000: Index of FPO Standards

FPO-000: Guide for Adopting Standards Revised 1/22/2015

FPO-001: Licensed Contractors Revised 1/22/2015

FPO-002: Locking Hydrant or FDC Cap Approved: 1/22/2015

FPO-003:Blank Rescinded 1/22/2015

FPO-004:Blank Rescinded 1/22/2015

FPO-005: 13-D Systems on Public Water Supply Revised: 3/26/2015

FPO-006: 13-D Private Water Systems for 13-D

FPO-007: Guide to Water Storage Tanks

FPO-008: Bridge Limit Sign

FPO-009: Residential CNG Refueling Appliances

FPO-010: Large Family Day Cares (9-14 kids)

FPO-011: Festival Booths & Tents

FPO-012: Maximum Grade & Vertical Clearance

FPO-013: Turnouts (outside urban service line)

FPO-014: Roadbed Construction

FPO-015: Turnarounds (outside urban service line)

FPO-016: Address Standards

FPO-016a: Sign Requirements

FPO-017: Fire Hydrant Markings


Knox Key Box Installation

Construction Site Fire Safety

Safety Requirements for Haunted Houses

Single Family Dwelling Requirement Guide