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The National Weather Service has issued a RED FLAG warning for much of Santa Cruz County including the Scotts Valley Fire District. Strong and dangerous winds and critically low humidity will impact the area from early Saturday night through Monday morning. This event looks to be the strongest since the 2017 wine country fires and potentially a historic event given the strength and duration of the winds. PG&E also has a planned “Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS)” scheduled for much of the region during this event. Residents may also begin to see and smell smoke from the Kincade fire in Northern California as early as this evening. There is no need to report the smell or sight drift smoke unless you see a defined column or flames. PLEASE BE PREPARED! It’s likely that many of our residents will lose power. If you are using a generator please use it responsibly. Do not operate the generator near combustibles and never add fuel while the generator is running. The County and the Scotts Valley Fire District are preparing for this event with extra staffing and equipment positioned throughout the region. We appreciate everyone’s efforts to remain vigilant and fire safe. For more information visit our website at; https://www.scottsvalleyfire.com/wildland-fire-safety/