What You Need To Know About Knoxbox and Entry Systems

The Scotts Valley Fire Protection District utilizes secure entry systems from Knox® and Click2Enter® in aiding responding personnel rapid access to commercial buildings, access roads, and other structures. Commonly known as Fire Department Lock Boxes, these devices can only accessed by personnel from the District. Although these systems are only required on new commercial developments and access road gates serving more than two residences, the District highly encourages tenants of existing structures to install this time saving devices. Home owners now have the option of installing residential Fire Department boxes as well. Contact the District headquarters for more information about ordering or installing at 831-438-0211.

For more information about residential KnoxBoxes visit their website.

Residential Knox-Box | Clay Fire Territory, IN - Official Website

For more information about Commercial KnoxBoxes visit their website.

Knox Box Information - West Carrollton

From the Knox Company:

5 reasons to install a KnoxBox™

  1. RAPID ACCESS Eliminate barriers and allow first responders to quickly gain access to secured properties when time matters most.
  2. PROTECTION Protect property, inventory, and thousands of dollars in investments from fire and water damage by providing rapid emergency access to first responders.
  3. COST Eliminate costly repair from forced entry with Knox one-time, low cost investment.
  4. LOW MAINTENANCE All products are Built Knox-Rugged to require little maintenance and retain their operational integrity even under extreme weather conditions.
  5. SECURITY Only your local fire department has the authority to access your Knox products.
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