Scotts Valley Fire Stations

Station 1
7 Erba Lane, Scotts Valley

Built originally in 1964 Scotts Valley station 1 replaced the the very first fire station which was located at the current Scotts Valley Rockery property. Through the years Station 1 has undergone several additions in including the addition of administrative offices, apparatus bays, and a training room. Station 1 houses 4 pieces of apparatus including E2511 (Type I Engine), E2537 (Type III Engine, wildland), WT2550 (Type I Water Tender), and E2510 (Type I Engine, reserve). Frequent community meetings as well as District training events are conducted at the station. Daily 24 hour staffing include 4 shift personnel and 1 Battalion Chief. Administrative staff are scheduled Monday through Friday 7am – 4pm, excluding holidays.

Station 2
251 Glenwood Drive, Scotts Valley

Opened in 2000, Station 2 replaced the former Sims Road station. The station houses 2 pieces of apparatus including the Santa Cruz County Hazardous Materials Inter-agency Team (SCHMIT) vehicle. Daily there are 3 shift personnel assigned at Station 2.