Car Seat Inspection Update

  • Many car seat manufactures provide information and phone support for car seat installation. Check on the car seat manufacture’s website for support instructions.    
  • Virtual car seat installation appointments can be made at  

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How To Use Your Child Safety Seat Correctly

As a service to the residents of the Scotts Valley Fire District, we offer free child seat safety inspections.

A trained representative will show you and your family the proper child or infant car seat installation. Rest assured knowing that that your child is being securely fastened using the proper car seat by scheduling an appointment today!

Contact Megan Bridges at (831)438-0211 Monday-Friday between 8 a.m. and noon to schedule an appointment.

Child Car Seat Safety

Child Car Seat Safety

  • Make sure the child seat is properly installed each time you travel.
  • Model safe behavior for your child; always use a seat belt.
  • Follow the vehicle manufacturer’s and child safety seat instructions &  recommendations.
  • Most children under 4’9” tall should use booster seats regardless of age or weight.
  • Avoid using second-hand car seats unless you are sure the seat has never been in a crash and is not on recall
Infant properly secured in car seat

California Child Passenger Safety Law

Children must ride in the BACK SEAT in a properly secured child passenger restraint system (car seat/booster) until they are AT LEAST 8 years or 57″ tall.

Vehicle safety belt should fit as follows: lap belt low (touching the thighs), shoulder belt across middle of chest and shoulder (not under arm or gehind back), knees bent comfortably without slouching. If your child does not fit this description, make sure they ride in a booster seat!


Santa Cruz County Child Seat Safety Inspection Sites

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